MAGENTATONER CARTRIDGE SOLD DMO 15,000 pages, AltaLink C8030/C8035/C8045/C8055/C8070

These genuine Xerox toner cartridges are formulated to ensure great print quality and deliver consistent and reliable results, page after page. Get peace of mind with genuine Xerox toner cartridges and don’t settle for cheap imitations.




Limited Lifetime Warranty

Consumable Type

Toner cartridge

Printing Technology





Up to 15000 pages

Compatible with

Xerox AltaLink C8030, C8030/C8035, C8030/H2, C8030/T2, C8030/TXF2, C8030V/T, C8035, C8035/H2, C8035/HXF2, C8035/T2, C8035/TXF2, C8035V/F, C8035V/T, C8045, C8045/C8055, C8045/H2, C8045/HXF2, C8045/YH, C8045V/F, C8055, C8055/H2, C8055/HXF2, C8070, C8070/H2, C8070/HXF2, C8070V/F

  • The toner technology is precisely engineered to be dependable. Delivering unfailing quality and performance from the first page to last – day in, day out.
  • Xerox genuine toner can deliver excellent Total Cost of Ownership delivering more quality printed pages per cartridge. Budget cartridges are never optimal – factor in additional toner, service calls, parts and labor and any economies made quickly evaporate.
  • Developed to give premium, high impact on every page.
  • Designed to minimize environmental impact. The exclusive low-melt technology means your printer uses less power and warms up faster.
  • Simple and hassle-free with no fuss or mess. The cartridges are made for easy loading, printing and results – always.