HP USB-C Travel Hub G2

Easily expand your laptop’s connectivity when working on the go with HP USB-C Travel Hub G2. Add an extra display and your accessories, charge your laptop and phone – all with one USB-C cable connection.




36 Months Bring-In Warranty

Product Type

Docking station


17.3 cm


4.8 cm


1.3 cm


24.7 g

Enclosure Colour



2 x SuperSpeed USB 3.0

1 x display / video – VGA

1 x display / video – HDMI

Service & Support

Limited warranty – 1 year

Designed For

HP Laptop 14-dq0003dx, 14-dq0011cy, 14-dq0035dx, 14-dq1020nr, 14-ed0010nr, 14-ed0123wm, 14-fq0115od, 14-fq0122od, 14-fq1078nr, 14s-dq0016ns, 14s-dq0038nf, 14s-dq0066nf, 14s-dq2011no, 14s-dq2027nf, 14s-dq2030nf, 14s-dq2044nb, 14s-dq4212nd, 14s-fq0055nl, 14s-fq0060na, 14s-fq0136nf, 14s-fq0903ng, 14s-fq1012nb, 14s-fq1016nm, 14s-fq1025no, 14s-fq1900ng, 15-dy0026ds, 15-dy0049nr, 15-dy1017ca, 15-dy1055ms, 15-dy2023ds, 15-dy2032nr, 15-dy4000cy, 15-dy4003cy, 15-ef0020ca, 15-ef0045nr, 15-ef1001ds, 15-ef1024ca, 15-ef1047nr, 15-ef2014ca, 15-ef2034ca, 15s-eq1007nm, 15s-eq1008nb, 15s-eq1008nf, 15s-eq1008no, 15s-eq1032nh, 15s-eq1085nl, 15s-eq1140ns, 15s-eq1141ns, 15s-eq1164nf, 15s-eq1305ng, 15s-eq1355ng, 15s-eq1530au, 15s-eq1544au, 15s-eq1559ng, 15s-eq1615nc, 15s-eq1900nc, 15s-eq2005nw, 15s-eq2017ns, 15s-eq2019nu, 15s-eq2021au, 15s-eq2030ns, 15s-eq2031no, 15s-eq2032nl, 15s-eq2036na, 15s-eq2039nl, 15s-eq2040nl, 15s-eq2041nm, 15s-eq2045nf, 15s-eq2050nl, 15s-eq2055nu, 15s-eq2058nb, 15s-eq2059nl, 15s-eq2059ns, 15s-eq2060nl, 15s-eq2061nl, 15s-eq2063nb, 15s-eq2067nf, 15s-eq2077ns, 15s-eq2088ns, 15s-eq2091ns, 15s-eq2433ng, 15s-eq2458ng, 15s-eq3456ng, 15s-eq3634nz, 15s-fq0010ns, 15s-fq0084nf, 15s-fq1135ns, 15s-fq2001no, 15s-fq2002no, 15s-fq2008nm, 15s-fq2060nl, 15s-fq2060ns, 15s-fq2068ns, 15s-fq2070ns, 15s-fq2071ns, 15s-fq2080nl, 15s-fq2081nl, 15s-fq2089ns, 15s-fq2094nl, 15s-fq2153ng, 15s-fq2153ns, 15s-fq2226nd, 15s-fq2412nd, 15s-fq2596TU, 15s-fq2600tu, 15s-fq3002ny, 15s-fq3005no, 15s-fq3009ns, 15s-fq3025nf, 15s-fq3412ng, 15s-fq3515ng, 15s-fq4009nm, 15s-fq4011tu, 15s-fq4020nb, 15s-fq4021ns, 15s-fq4023nl, 15s-fq4023ns, 15s-fq4035no, 15s-fq4044ns, 15s-fq4045ns, 15s-fq4454ng, 15s-fq4455ng, 15s-fq5304nz, 15s-fq5504nz, 15s-fq5704nz

HP Pavilion Laptop 14-dv0034no, 14-dv1001nu, 14-dv1006nu, 14-dv1010nu, 14-dv1023nu, 14-dv1097nr, 14-ec0000nl, 14-ec0000no, 14-ec0002no, 14-ec0007ns, 14-ec0011ns, 14-ec0017na, 14-ec0023nr, 14-ec0024no, 14-ec0101nf

  • Carry one hub for all your devices and get pass-through connectivity and scalable power delivery to your HP laptop through its 45W, 65W or 90W adapter. Leave your adapter behind and power the hub from your device’s USB-C port.
  • Expand a single laptop USB-C port into three versatile connections – two USB ports for your accessories and HDMI or VGA for an external display.