HP 1000 Wired Mouse

This well-designed wired mouse delivers impressive precision and comfort for an effortless computing experience. Plus with 1.5m of cord this comfortable, contoured mouse won’t restrict your movements while you work.




12 Months Warranty

Device Type



5.85 cm


10 cm


3.95 cm


70 g



Connectivity Technology




OS Required

Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 / 10

Shipping Width

12.9 cm

Shipping Depth

7.8 cm

Shipping Height

4.7 cm

Shipping Weight

100 g

Designed For

HP Pavilion 24-k0000nc, 24-k0012na, 24-k0014ny, 24-k0022na, 24-k0023ns, 24-k0034nl, 24-k0035nl, 24-k0039nl, 24-k0040ny, 24-k0092ny, 24-k0099ny, 24-k0122no, 24-k0137no, 24-k0220z, 24-k0702ng, 24-k1000nu, 24-k1003nb, 24-k1004nb, 24-k1008nu, 24-k1010ng, 24-k1019nu, 24-k1045nf, 24-k1305st, 24-k1500nz, 24-xa1009, 27-d0004nl, 27-d0004ny, 27-d0005na, 27-d0010na, 27-d0012ny, 27-d0027na, 27-d0030nb, 27-d0030ns, 27-d0044, 27-d0057c, 27-d0083nl, 27-d0094nl, 27-d0104nd, 27-d0139no, 27-d0244, 27-d0703ng, 27-d1000nb, 27-d1000nn, 27-d1002ng, 27-d1007na, 27-d1007ng, 27-d1009nb, 27-d1009ng, 27-d1010nb, 27-d1015nb, 27-d1021na, 27-d1101ng, 27-d1105nf, 27-d1207nf, 27-d1300ng, 27-d1301ng, 27-d1340t, 27-d1700nz, 27-d1901ng, 27-d1996nz, 27-xa0037nl, 27-xa0088nb, 32-b0024nf, 32-b0415nd, 32-b0730nz, TP01-0005nv, TP01-1023w, TP01-1027ns, TP01-1030, TP01-1035nl, TP01-1040nl, TP01-1042ns, TP01-1047nf, TP01-1050, TP01-1058nf, TP01-1080nf, TP01-1081nf, TP01-1106ng, TP01-1108ng, TP01-1137c, TP01-1140, TP01-1155t, TP01-1247c, TP01-1301ng, TP01-1951nd, TP01-1955nd, TP01-1957nd, TP01-1970nd, TP01-2000na, TP01-2007nf, TP01-2009nf, TP01-2017ng, TP01-2020ng, TP01-2056nd, TP01-2062nb, TP01-2066nd, TP01-2070nb, TP01-2078nb, TP01-2093nb, TP01-2096, TP01-2101ng, TP01-2108ng, TP01-2113ng, TP01-2114ng, TP01-2120nd, TP01-2128no, TP01-2130nd, TP01-2151nd, TP01-2155nd, TP01-2161nd, TP01-2162nd, TP01-2163nd, TP01-2165z, TP01-2205ng, TP01-2220nf, TP01-2225xt, TP01-2233nf, TP01-2255t, TP01-2256, TP01-2271nd, TP01-2286, TP01-2300ng, TP01-2304ng, TP01-2308ng, TP01-2309ng, TP01-2504nz, TP01-2604nz, TP01-2606ng, TP01-2621ng, TP01-2704nz, TP01-2751nd, TP01-2755nd, TP01-2756nd, TP01-2761nd, TP01-2771nd, TP01-2804nz, TP01-2835nd, TP01-3000ng, TP01-3002ng, TP01-3004ng, TP01-3005ng, TP01-3007ng, TP01-3008ng, TP01-3009ng, TP01-3140nd, TP01-3150nd, TP01-3165nd, TP01-3170nd, TP01-3175nd, TP01-3301ng, TP01-3524nz, TP01-3530nz, TP01-3534nz, TP01-3700nz, TP01-3734nz, TP01-3740nd

  • Work without boundaries. A 1.5m cord gives you the freedom to move when plugged into your PC.
  • Connection is a breeze with USB connectivity so you can get up and running fast.
  • Versatile design allows ease of use for left or right-hand control.