HP X500 Wired Mouse

Enjoy the reliable HP Wired Mouse X500 that conveniently connects to your computer via USB. The contoured shape comfortably fits the natural arch of the hand and can be programmed to work with either hand. Simply plug in and navigate seamlessly with the responsive optical tracking.




12 Months Warranty

Device Type



Right and left-handed


6.35 cm


11.51 cm


3.538 cm


106 g

Connectivity Technology




Movement Detection Technology


Buttons Qty



Scrolling wheel


1 x USB – 4 pin USB Type A

Compatible with Windows 7

"Compatible with Windows 7" software and devices carry Microsoft’s assurance that these products have passed tests for compatibility and reliability with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7.

OS Required

Apple MacOS X, Microsoft Windows Vista / XP / 7 / 8

Shipping Width

14 cm

Shipping Depth

12 cm

Shipping Height

5.5 cm

Shipping Weight

0.2 kg

Designed For

HP Pavilion 24-k0000nc, 24-k0012na, 24-k0014ny, 24-k0022na, 24-k0023ns, 24-k0034nl, 24-k0035nl, 24-k0039nl, 24-k0040ny, 24-k0092ny, 24-k0099ny, 24-k0122no, 24-k0137no, 24-k0220z, 24-k0702ng, 24-k1000nu, 24-k1003nb, 24-k1004nb, 24-k1008nu, 24-k1010ng, 24-k1019nu, 24-k1045nf, 24-k1305st, 24-k1500nz, 24-xa1009, 27-d0004nl, 27-d0004ny, 27-d0005na, 27-d0010na, 27-d0012ny, 27-d0027na, 27-d0030nb, 27-d0030ns, 27-d0044, 27-d0057c, 27-d0083nl, 27-d0094nl, 27-d0104nd, 27-d0139no, 27-d0244, 27-d0703ng, 27-d1000nb, 27-d1000nn, 27-d1002ng, 27-d1007na, 27-d1007ng, 27-d1009nb, 27-d1009ng, 27-d1010nb, 27-d1015nb, 27-d1021na, 27-d1101ng, 27-d1105nf, 27-d1207nf, 27-d1300ng, 27-d1301ng, 27-d1340t, 27-d1700nz, 27-d1901ng, 27-d1996nz, 27-xa0037nl, 27-xa0088nb, 32-b0024nf, 32-b0415nd, 32-b0730nz, 510-p199na, TP01-0005nv, TP01-1023w, TP01-1027ns, TP01-1030, TP01-1035nl, TP01-1040nl, TP01-1042ns, TP01-1047nf, TP01-1050, TP01-1058nf, TP01-1080nf, TP01-1081nf, TP01-1106ng, TP01-1108ng, TP01-1137c, TP01-1140, TP01-1155t, TP01-1247c, TP01-1301ng, TP01-1951nd, TP01-1955nd, TP01-1957nd, TP01-1970nd, TP01-2000na, TP01-2007nf, TP01-2009nf, TP01-2017ng, TP01-2020ng, TP01-2056nd, TP01-2062nb, TP01-2066nd, TP01-2070nb, TP01-2078nb, TP01-2093nb, TP01-2096, TP01-2101ng, TP01-2108ng, TP01-2113ng, TP01-2114ng, TP01-2120nd, TP01-2128no, TP01-2130nd, TP01-2151nd, TP01-2155nd, TP01-2161nd, TP01-2162nd, TP01-2163nd, TP01-2165z, TP01-2205ng, TP01-2220nf, TP01-2225xt, TP01-2233nf, TP01-2255t, TP01-2256, TP01-2271nd, TP01-2286, TP01-2300ng, TP01-2304ng, TP01-2308ng, TP01-2309ng, TP01-2504nz, TP01-2606ng, TP01-2621ng, TP01-2704nz, TP01-2751nd, TP01-2755nd, TP01-2756nd, TP01-2761nd, TP01-2771nd, TP01-2804nz, TP01-2835nd, TP01-3000ng, TP01-3002ng, TP01-3004ng, TP01-3005ng, TP01-3007ng, TP01-3008ng, TP01-3009ng, TP01-3140nd, TP01-3150nd, TP01-3165nd, TP01-3170nd, TP01-3175nd, TP01-3301ng, TP01-3524nz, TP01-3530nz, TP01-3534nz, TP01-3700nz, TP01-3734nz, TP01-3740nd

  • Designed with your comfort in mind, the elongated arch and contoured shape provides relaxed control for either right or left-hand users
  • With a simple inserting the USB cord, you power your mouse and avoid ever replacing batteries
  • No software or downloads, just start scrolling and clicking away
  • The optical tracking technology provides ideal tracking on most surfaces for accurate and smooth control